How to ship samples to Gene Analysis Service 
The following sampling and shipping instructions will have to be followed to guarantee save and adequate shipment of your samples.
 Please note
  • Human samples will be accepted only from clinical institutions and medical professionals
  • The patient's informed consent for genetic analysis of his DNA is obligatory.
  • For the analysis of human samples for research purposes, the consent of the institute's ethical commission is obligatory.
  • Recommended source for human genomic DNA: EDTA-blood.
  • Minimal sample volume: 0.5 ml.
  • Blood samples can be sent at ambient temperature.
  • The following samples have to be send frozen: prenatal samples (free of maternal tissue), tissue biopsies, bone marrow, buffy coat, tracheal aspirate, bronchial lavage, semen, sputum, cell cultures, swap material.
  • The following samples can be send at ambient temperature: purified DNA-solutions in Tris 10 mM, pH 8.0, EDTA 10 mM , dried DNA pellets, fixed and conservated material, dried blood, paraffin embedded material.Please inform us of the conservation procedures used.
  • The blood collection site (vein, capillary or artery) has no influence on the results of DNA analysis. Use EDTA or Citrate as anti-coagulant. Avoid DNA contamination from exogenous sources such as hair, skin, dust etc.. Wear gloves when using open sampling systems. Use breakproof screw caps containers for sampling.
 Sample identification
  • Label all samples, if possible, with numbers.
  • Do not include detailed patient data with medical samples.
  • To prevent leakage and cross-contamination, all material, especially fluids, must be packed in tightly closed containers (e.g. screw caps). Blood sample tubes are best packed in a second container with absorbant tissue. If using non-screw cap-containers, secure caps with parafilm or tape.
  • For the packing and shipping of non-infectious diagnostic samples according to UN3373 the requirements of the UN packing instruction P650 (ADR/RID/IATA) apply.
  • Please mark Non-infectious diagnostic specimens for use in the screening for DNA-mutations" on the shipment and accompanying documents.
    Indicate a value of 10 or $ 10

 Frozen samples
  • Frozen samples must be shipped in insulated containers with a minimum wall thickness of 3 cm and a sufficient amount of dry ice (pellets or blocks). Lids must be taped to the containers.
  • Send frozen and urgent samples via overnight mail, with guaranteed next day delivery. Please note that delivery of surface shipments within Europe may take as long as seven days.
  • Send all samples to:
    Gene Analysis Service GmbH
    Motzener Strasse 49
    12277 Berlin

 Confirmation of receipt
  • We will fax or e-mail you to confirm receipt of your samples.
  • Contact us for any questions about "how to ship samples" or any other issue.
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